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  1. skooth:

    this is important and more people need to understand this

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  2. Do you ever think of all the current slang and feel proud that u know most lol

  3. Anonymous said: what sign are u ?


  4. I’ve given up on my dogs, I am now making a zine for soft people.

  5. Like I will NEVER allow someone to tell me I am acting “too sensitive” like you aren’t human if you say that

  6. Can I write NEVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO DESENSITIZE YOUR EMOTIONS on everything? Cuz that’s how I feel

  7. uuiuu:

Dominant dog


    Dominant dog




    the new issue is now available here

    I feel wet and messy. The baffling sensation of overflowing can sometimes be aggressive but also soft and gentle. Alicia Rodriguez

    Lauren Cook

    Bruna Massadas

    Sofija M. Gugina

    Ele-Beth Little

    Suzy X.

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  9. I just had a freak out and I’m completely redoing my dog zine

  10. Anonymous said: you got white guilt written all over you

    you’ve got dumb n petty written all over you now step off